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Top 20 Balanced Scorecard Templates in PowerPoint PPT for Business Management

Top 20 Balanced Scorecard Templates in PowerPoint PPT for Business Management

Malvika Varma

July 21, 2020

A robust strategic management framework is one of the foundation pillars of any organization. It is crucial for thriving in the merciless corporate environment. Managers are required to simultaneously keep a tab on various complex organizational functionalities, which is not an easy task. To keep pace with the volatile corporate environment, managers can no longer rely on the conventional methods of monitoring the performance of an organization. They need to have a comprehensive overview of business performance which is fast and efficient. Robert Kaplan and David Norton developed the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to measure business performance. 


“The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) provides managers with the instrumentation they need to navigate to future competitive success.” Robert S. Kaplan


For more than 25 years, enterprises have benefited from a Balanced Scorecard. It enables efficient strategic management in an enterprise. The balanced scorecard assists in identifying and minimizing factors that act as a hindrance to the primary business functions. To attain institutional goals, objectives, and initiatives, a balanced scorecard model analyses the four spheres, namely finance, learning and growth, business operations, and client. The balanced scorecard has three components- strategy maps, KPIs, and an action plan which can transform a business and take it to new heights. This strategic management empowers businesses in achieving long term goals. 


SlideTeam professionals understand the significance of a balanced scorecard for an organization. Here we have curated the Top 20 Balanced Scorecard Templates in PowerPoint PPT for Business Management. Ace your managing skills and become a pro by downloading these impressive customizable Balanced Scorecard templates.


Without any further ado, let us begin!


Top 20 Balanced Scorecard Templates in PowerPoint PPT to Download


Template 1


Implementing Balanced Scorecard In OrganizationDownload Implementing Balanced Scorecard In Organization PowerPoint Template


List the barriers faced by an organization in the road towards success by incorporating our stunning balanced scorecard PowerPoint template. With the help of this stunning PPT theme, you can keep a track of the progress of your company’s performance and suggest ways for improvement. You can also discuss the uses of a balanced scorecard by utilizing our customizable complete deck.


Template 2


Balanced ScorecardDownload Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


The significance of a balanced scorecard in the business world is undeniable and it can be efficiently expressed by incorporating our striking balanced scorecard PowerPoint complete deck. With this comprehensively researched PPT theme, you can identify the points where your team is lagging. Managers can also have an effective brainstorming session by incorporating our pre-designed PPT.


Template 3


Balanced Scorecard ModelDownload Balanced Scorecard Model PowerPoint Template


Download our content ready business management PowerPoint complete deck to manage your company efficiently. Comprising 18 slides, this ready-made PowerPoint theme can be utilized to the different perspectives of the business along with the corporate objectives. With the different templates, you can effectively explain to your colleagues about the different business aspects.


Template 4


Balanced Scorecard PPTDownload Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


State your organizational goals and objectives to achieve success with the help of our pre-designed balanced scorecard PowerPoint template. As this balanced scorecard PPT is completely editable you can edit as per business needs. List the strategic priorities with this comprehensively researched PPT layout.


Template 5


Balance Scorecard Operational Performance MetricsDownload Balance Scorecard Operational Performance Metrics PowerPoint Template


Using this contemporary PowerPoint template, you can showcase the sales of your company. This visually appealing balanced scorecard PPT attracts the audience and hence serves the purpose. You can employ this editable PPT theme for company annual budget meetings and conferences. 


Template 6


Balanced Scorecard Employee ProductivityDownload Balanced Scorecard Employee Productivity PowerPoint Template 


The productivity of employees can be accessed by utilizing this pre-designed balanced scorecard PowerPoint template. The color palette used in this template instantly attracts the attention of the audience. You can add details in this editable balanced scorecard PPT theme. Managers can easily employ this PPT for the employee evaluation process.


Template 7


Strategy Map For Balanced ScorecardDownload Strategy Map For Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


Download this content- ready balanced scorecard PowerPoint template for developing a strategic management roadmap. With the help of this editable flowchart, you can add details as per business requirements. This modern template can be of great assistance for teammates for effective management. You can list the factors responsible for inhibiting business growth by incorporating our pre-built PowerPoint theme.


Template 8


Balanced Scorecard Benefits DiagramDownload Balanced Scorecard Benefits Diagram PowerPoint Template


The benefits of the balanced scorecard can be demonstrated effectively with the help of our editable PowerPoint template. You can discuss the improved strategic planning, communication, and performance by utilizing this pre-designed PPT template. 


Template 9


Balanced Scorecard Gallery PPTDownload Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


Discuss the four spheres of a balanced scorecard in an organization with the help of this comprehensively researched PowerPoint theme. The color palette used here instantly grabs the attention of the viewers. You can mention the key highlights of each leg of the scorecard by incorporating our pre-designed PowerPoint layout. You can easily incorporate this content ready PowerPoint template for business meetings.


Template 10


Balanced Scorecard Strategy MappingDownload Balanced Scorecard Strategy Mapping PowerPoint Template


Strategic mapping of an organization can be discussed with fellow teammates by incorporating this pre-designed PowerPoint template. You can showcase the key features of the internal process and look for ways of improvement.


Template 11


Balanced Scorecard Six Sigma ExampleDownload Balanced Scorecard Six Sigma Example PowerPoint Template


A balanced scorecard is crucial for proper management of an institution and this can be emphasized by introducing this content-ready PowerPoint template. You can have a productive brainstorming session about the ways of improvement in the SWOT analysis using this layout. Managers can make the most of this pre-built PPT by downloading it and presenting it in the seminars.


Template 12


Balanced Scorecard Template

Download Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


Showcase the features of a balanced scorecard and its significance by downloading this amazingly designed PowerPoint template. You can explain the four elements of a balanced scorecard and its impact on increasing productivity by incorporating our professionally designed PPT.


Template 13


Balanced Scorecard ImplementationDownload Balanced Scorecard Implementation PowerPoint Template


The application flowchart of a balanced scorecard can be explained effectively by introducing our stunning PPT template. You can easily communicate the action workflow to your colleagues by utilizing our customizable PowerPoint theme.


Template 14


Balanced Scorecard Advertising MediaDownload Balanced Scorecard Advertising Media PowerPoint Template


Using this versatile balanced scorecard PowerPoint template, you can mention the various factors responsible for the efficient management of different activities in a business. You can edit the details as per business needs by incorporating our striking PowerPoint layout.


Template 15


Balanced Scorecard Implementation PPTDownload Balanced Scorecard Implementation PowerPoint Template


Highlight the balanced scorecard implementation in an attention-grabbing manner by downloading this content- ready PowerPoint theme. As this is Google Slides compatible, you can easily share it with your colleagues. With the help of this comprehensively researched PowerPoint template, you can present your project convincingly.


Template 16


Strategic Objectives Balanced ScorecardDownload Strategic Objectives Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


State the objectives of a balanced scorecard in business by employing our professionally designed PPT template. Showcase the business goals and actions which you wish to take for enhancing operations by introducing our contemporary PPT.


Template 17


Business Balanced ScorecardDownload Business Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


Communicate the features of a balanced scorecard by downloading this versatile PowerPoint theme. You can also state the various business models and their utilities by incorporating this striking PPT theme. 


Template 18


View Balanced Scorecard Implementation StrategyDownload View Balanced Scorecard Implementation Strategy PowerPoint Template


Showcase the four components of a balanced scorecard by downloading this editable management tool PowerPoint template. Managers can utilize this technique and show improved results by employing this useful pre-designed PowerPoint theme. 


Template 19


Balanced Scorecard PPT VisualDownload Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


State the goals of various business aspects by introducing our management PowerPoint template. This customizable PPT theme can be used in conferences to decide the action plan of the company.


Template 20


Balanced Scorecard InfographicDownload Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template


Utilize our professionally designed balanced scorecard PowerPoint template to analyze and identify the problem areas in the current business plan. Highlight the solutions and discuss the solutions by incorporating this striking business PPT. 


Lead your business even in the rough corporate environment and emerge as a leader in your niche by downloading our Top 20 Balanced Scorecard Templates in PowerPoint PPT for Business Management. Empower your company with these fully customizable management tool PPT templates and get assured success.

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