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Top 30 Sales Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates To Win Over Clients

Top 30 Sales Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates To Win Over Clients

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan Gupta

February 21 2020

There is nothing worse than getting through the cumbersome process of delivering a sales pitch only to hear, “That was absolutely great, but give us some time to think it over”. While most of the salespeople are busy making their presentations flashy, fun and interesting, they do little to ensure that the presentation addresses top issues and concerns of the prospects, providing them an irresistible solution they are looking for!


As a result, many presentations fail to make an impact, thereby meeting with wishy-washy responses every now and then. If you have done everything in your power to excel, digging deep into the challenges thrown at you by your prospects only to get a noncommittal response, then your presentation is certainly lacking something. It requires some major adjustments to become an impressive tool. 


But what are these adjustments and what does an awe-inspiring sales pitch deck look like? 


We have collected top 30 sales pitch deck PowerPoint templates, that have worked time and again and will definitely change your sales game. Use them to create stellar sales pitch decks. Here we go!


Sales Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates To Download

Sales Playbook Template- 1


Characterize the roles and responsibilities of your sales team and lay out your objectives clearly using this Sales Playbook PowerPoint Template. Employ this toolkit to evaluate various metrics of measurement. Provide a common framework to close deals and sell more effectively. This template will help you in leveraging a common sales methodology keeping everyone on the same page. Incorporating this all-in-one guide will help you in handling every selling situation, outshining your competitors and communicating the value proposition resourcefully. 


Sales Playbook

Download Sales Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sale Performance Template- 2


Measure the key metrics to determine the performance of your sales using this Sales Performance PowerPoint slideshow. Assess how frequently the sales goals are achieved with this professionally designed template. This PPT is an ideal set to empower account executives, sales development reps, sales managers, etc. in keeping a track of the quotas and managing the overall performance. Additionally, it can be edited any which way because of the customizable layout. 


Sale Performance

Download Sale Performance PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Review Template- 3


Review your sales activities and their results using this fully responsive template. Our Sales Review PowerPoint slideshow will help you examine your team’s work through regular assessments and help improve them considerably, making it an invaluable resource to be included in your business operations. Hit your targets today by downloading this fully editable template comprising of 65 slides to assist you and your team. 


Sales Review

Download Sales Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Target Template- 4


Meet your sales targets by incorporating this fully customizable template into your business structure. With all the major facets like sales performance dashboard, sales target for the current financial year, sales mission, encourage leadership, personalize rewards, recognition, monetary benefits, etc. this slideshow will prove a resourceful tool for you. Therefore, download it now to set achievable sales targets and meet them on time. 


Sales Target

Download Sales Target PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Motivation Template- 5


Empower your team to deliver their best using this Sales Motivation PPT. Make a move towards reaching your sales targets by motivating your employees to work hard to their maximum ability. Showcase a few monetary benefits and rewards that your employees will reap to encourage them to work hard. The vivid color scheme and versatility of this template makes it a powerful resource to ace your sales game. 


Sales Motivation

Download Sales Motivation PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Enablement Template- 6


This well structured Sales Enablement PowerPoint Presentation is ideal for anybody employed in the sales department and its related field. Use it to fulfill your sales requirements and come up with an interesting plan to increase them manifold. This template comes in very handy for the marketing department as well to serve their everyday purposes. Discuss with your colleagues, team members, and managers the concept of sales and come up with an interesting strategy using striking graphics and bold designs present in this slideshow. 


Sales Enablement

Download Sales Enablement PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Achieving Sales Target Template- 7


Measure your sales activities and monitor the pipeline using this Sales Target PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 25 slides. In these PowerPoint templates, we have highlighted topics like product offering, services like digital advertising, marketing and analytics, digital care package, security, and maintenance, etc. Other major facets are also listed in this template which you can edit as per your needs and requirements. 


Achieving Sales TargetDownload Achieving Sales Target PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Saas Sales Template- 8


Boost your MRR by utilizing this well structured Saas Sales PowerPoint slideshow. The vivid color scheme and graphics makes this template a powerful toolkit that can be presented in front of the esteemed members of your organization. Additionally, its fully editable layout gives the freedom to the user to add or remove any element as per his requirement. 


Saas Sales

Download Saas Sales PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Reports Template- 9


This template is suitable for presenting KPIs in an easily understandable visual format. With a wide variety of charts and graphs, it can help you display all the qualitative data at a single place.  Summarize multiple statistics using this slideshow. This template can cater to a lot of business presentations such as company profile, structure development, and others owing to its versatility. 


Sales Reports

Download Sales Reports PowerPoint Presentation Slides


On Demand Software Sales Template- 10


Thrive to grow your MRR using this Software Sales PowerPoint Presentation. Make your team understand the key metrics to make a proper judgment of your business. This well-formatted template will help you develop and communicate effective sales strategies of your business so that it can grow and expand. Furthermore, it is fully adaptable to your requirements as it is fully customizable. 


On Demand Software Sales

Download On Demand Software Sales PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Agile Sales Template- 11


Enable more sales with this Agile Sales Powerpoint slideshow. Close more deals by introducing this agile sales management framework into your business operations. This template will help you deal with the furiously evolving world of sales with new technology and strategies. Additionally, it will help you in improving the work quality of your team and hit the quotas on time. 


Agile Sales

Download Agile Sales PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Performance Template- 12


Routine reviews help managers provide apt feedback to the sales team. Utilize this Sales Performance PowerPoint slideshow to eliminate the process of creating a presentation from the very scratch. Standardize the selling process and encourage consistent performance evaluation standards by incorporating this slideshow in your business operation. Furthermore, edit it any which way to make it apt for your organizational needs. 


Sales Performance

Download Sales Performance PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Improvements Template- 13


Improve your sales and fuel your growth using this template. Plan your activities in a structured manner and optimize your sales process by including this well-formatted layout in your business structure. Ensure that all your organizational goals are met strategically by downloading this fully editable slideshow. This template is very useful for sales managers who know the importance of updating their sales process from time to time in order to yield positive results. 


Sales Improvements

Download Sales Improvements PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Training Template- 14


Hone the skills of your sales team by giving them proper training. Use this template to train your employees efficiently and help them increase their productivity. This deck comprises of major facets such as training process, about the product, product roadmap, sales by region, competitor analysis, training evaluation, and many others. Execute a professional sales training program by incorporating this fully functional PowerPoint presentation. 


Sales Training

Download Sales Training PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Management Template- 15


Manage customers and your leads with this well-formatted Sales Management PowerPoint Presentation comprising of a set of 65 slides. Keep a track of your sales forecast with this resourceful PPT of ours that can be used by anybody. Specially designed for sales managers, this template can help you improve your sales and customer relationships with ease and precision. The versatility of this template makes it useful for all industries and users across the globe. 


Sales Management

Download Sales Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Promotion Template- 16


Promote your business to boost your sales. Help your customers in the decision-making process by introducing this Sales Promotion PowerPoint Presentation into your business structure. There are various techniques that you can employ to promote your business using this PowerPoint slideshow. Also, with the fully editable layout, this PPT can be used by any sales manager irrespective of the niche he belongs to. 


Sales Promotion

Download Sales Promotion PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Campaign Template- 17


Identify relevant and integrated marketing channels and activities to meet your goals and objectives with this well-formatted Sales Campaign PPT slideshow. Create a sales campaign that is engaging and impressive enough to influence your customers, thereby increasing your sales. Showcase both online and offline marketing efforts and tools along with their results here and explain them resourcefully with this versatile PowerPoint presentation. 


Sales Campaign

Download Sales Campaign PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Inspiration Template- 18 


Inspire your reps with this Sales Inspiration PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Encourage your team by reinforcing them to ramp up the sales. Present an overview of your strategy to increase the performance of your sales team using this PPT. This presentation is ideal for any sales managers looking to increase company sales by the collective efforts of various departments. Set realistic goals and present them here in this template to meet them diligently.  


Sales Inspiration

Download Sales Inspiration PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Budget Template- 19


Estimate the revenue generated over a period of months, quarter of years using this Sales Budget PowerPoint Presentation. Determine your business objectives with the assistance of this template. Plan and control your expenditure with regards to facilities, labor and money by incorporating this toolkit. This is a very reliable template when it comes to planning your budget resourcefully. 


Sales Budget

Download Sales Budget PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Challenges Template- 20


Overcome obstacles and hazards to ramp up your sales using this PowerPoint Presentation. Discover new opportunities and solutions to improve your sales activities strategically with this well-structured template that can be altered as per your needs and requirements. Use this sales management visual to help your business run smoothly without any roadblocks by tackling them efficiently. 


Sales Challenges

Download Sales Challenges PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Strategy Template- 21


Communicate your step-by-step plan to sell your products and services using this Sales Strategy PowerPoint slideshow. Generate and increase your revenue by employing this fully editable PPT, that can be altered as per your business demands. The editable format of this template enables the sales manager to sell his company’s products and services proficiently, thereby achieving the sales targets. 


Sales Strategy

Download Sales Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Conference Template- 22


‘Sale’ is the backbone of any organization. Utilize this Sales Conference PowerPoint Presentation to optimize your sales process. Increase your sales manifold by incorporating this PPT into your business structure. The vivid color and visuals added to this template makes it aesthetically beautiful, perfect to grab the immediate attention of the viewer. 


Sales Conference

Download Sales Conference PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Automation Template- 23


Improve your efficiency and eliminate manual tasks with the assistance of this Sales Automation PowerPoint Presentation. Streamline recurring sales activities to ensure nothing falls out of place with this resourceful PPT of ours. Not only that you can also modify the constituents of this PPT to make it more responsive to your needs. 


Sales Automation

Download Sales Automation PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Improved Sales Performance Template- 24


Get a head start to improve your sales using this Sales Performance PowerPoint slideshow. Create a call to action with this resourceful PPT, that is fully editable and customizable. Therefore stand out of the crowd by downloading this well-formatted PPT. 


Improved Sales Performance

Download Improved Sales Performance PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Reporting Template- 25


This template will help you give useful insights into the whole foundation of your sales. Make your team understand the process of sales operations by utilizing this well-formatted PPT comprising of 63 slides. Keep a track of each stage of the sales process and edit it any which way to suit your individual needs. 


Sales Reporting

Download Sales Reporting PowerPoint Presentation With Slides


Company Sales Review Template- 26


This template can help you deliver the most crucial sales information on which some major business decisions about the development, salary, recruitment, etc. are based. Use this tool to appraise your sales performance by highlighting relevant data and figures that govern your management. Additionally, the earnest flexibility of this template can help you modify its constituents with ease and precision. 


Company Sales Review

Download Company Sales Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Real Estate Sales Strategy Template- 27


With stiffer competition, it is difficult to sell real estate properties. If you are immersed in such a business, then this Real Estate Sales Strategy Powerpoint Presentation is an ideal set for you. Incorporate this template into your business operations to widen your market research. Aside from being comprehensive, this template can help you improve your visibility, thus making your business more appealing to the prospects. 


Real Estate Sales Strategy

Download Real Estate Sales Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Performance Review Template- 28


This template is a great tool for sales managers looking to review their sales performance. Use it to conduct year-round sales improvement reviews. Overcome objections of the target customers by incorporating this PPT into your business structure. Owing to its full adaptability and versatility this template can be employed by any user to improve their overall sales performance. 


Sales Performance Review

Download Sales Performance Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Sales Process Outline Template- 29


Outline your best sales practices with this PowerPoint slideshow. Comprising of a set of 19 slides, this PPT can be edited any which way to suit your needs and requirements. Not only this it can also help you hone the selling skills of your team all thanks to its reliable layout and vivid color scheme. 


Sales Process Outline

Download Sales Process Outline PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Direct Sales Template- 30


Utilize this content ready Direct Sales Powerpoint Presentation to evaluate sales by region. You can also exhibit sales activities like new conventions, follow-ups, client visits, etc. in a tabular form with this resourceful PPT of ours. Identify your ideal clients using this presentation. Additionally, this template is fully customizable, so feel free to alter it as per your desire. 


Direct Sales

Download Direct Sales PowerPoint Presentation Slide


Now that you’ve got a bunch of ideas for your sales pitch decks and a few templates to help you get started, it is time to pitch confidently and increase your sales. 


Choose any of the above 30 templates that resonate with your needs.  

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